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Our staff are known for their personal warmth and their ability to care for each child as an individual.  Their love for the children is perhaps surpassed only by the children's love for them.

In our view, the adult’s role in children’s journey is to support and facilitate their growth and development. To assume this role, to teach young children, is a great privilege and responsibility. Teaching is a mission – a valued and time-honored Jewish tradition.

We look for teachers who are young, youthful and passionate and will offer a nurturing experience for the children.  Our teachers have a deep understanding of children and the way they think, and have the desire to create meaningful relationships with the children. All our teachers believe in the importance of seeing each child as an individual. Our teachers plan and adapt the curriculum and the environment to meet the needs of each child.  In the Reggio Emilia approach, the teacher sees herself as a learner – alongside the children – open to new thoughts and ideas. The teacher listens carefully to the children, observes and documents their work, and provokes and stimulates their thinking. As teachers, we are committed to strengthening and enriching our knowledge of young children by continuing our own education.

Our teachers are teachers who encourage our children to reflect, to be independent, to explore, to cooperate, to negotiate, to wonder, to love and to laugh.

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Mushkie, Director of Education

Hello!  My name is Mushkie Bitton.  I am the founder and Educational Director at Jewish Creative Preschool.  From an early age, I had a passion for teaching children and seeing the light in their eyes as they made discoveries and connections to their world  As a result, I pursued degrees in Early Childhood Development and Child Psychology. Upon completion of my studies, I had the opportunity to work at various schools as a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, and director, both locally and abroad.  I have just returned to my native L.A. after doing Jewish Outreach and acting as a director of a preschool in Costa Rica for the last few years.  

Over the years, I had the vision of designing a learning environment that is engaging and meaningful for young children and providing them with opportunities to build connections to Hashem, Torah, and the Jewish community.  I wanted to create a school where the focus was on providing authentic experiences and individualized attention to each child. Where children, educators, and families engage in continual connections that enable children to thrive.  I am a passionate believer in educating the whole child-mind, heart and soul.  Through this vision, Jewish Creative Preschool was born.

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Simcha, Director/Administrator

Hi!  My name is Simcha.  I'm a LA native and have worked in education for over 10 years.  Besides being the first point of contact for our JCP parents and children, I direct Hebrew school at Chabad Hebrew School and I am the Youth Director at Chabad Persian Youth Center.  I absolutely love interacting with the children and families and looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Morah Mushky

Hi!  My name is Mushky Perman. I am looking forward to another year of teaching at JCP!  I’m from LA and have 3 beautiful children.  I can’t wait to spend the next year learning and growing with your children.

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Morah Etty

Hi! My Name is Etty.  I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and emigrated to America when I was 19.  I love teaching and I especially love teaching young children.  I have worked at Jewish Creative Preschool for a few years now and can't wait to see all our old and new friends alike. Looking forward to an amazing year full of learning and fun!

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Morah Chayale

Hi, my name is Chayala.  I moved here from Australia 8 years ago.  I have 4 amazing kids of my own and love to spend time surrounded by children, laughter and good times.  I have been teaching at JCP this past year and love all the families I have gotten to know and the wonderful staff that make this place a home away from home.  I am passionate about health, fitness and music and love to make each day an adventure.

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Morah Rochel

My name is Rochel Carlebach.  I grew up in Los Angeles, California.  I enjoy art, nature, and spending time with family and friends.  I've worked with children of various ages and have been teaching preschool for many years.  I have a passion for working with children and love watching them grow!  I look forward to getting to know your children this year.

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Morah Rachel

Hello!  My name is Rachel and I grew up here in LA.  I love being with kids and doing fun activities together - especially ones that express creativity and imagination like arts and crafts, bubbles and baking. I’m excited for a new school year and looking forward to meeting everyone!


Sarah, Receptionist

Hi!  My name is Sarah and I am the receptionist here at JCP.  I've worked in education for the last couple of years.  I have a huge passion for children and education!  I am here to provide information and help with any questions you may have.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone!  


Milva, Yoga Instructor

I'm Milva Rinaldelli originally from Argentina.  I have been a dance teacher for 18 years, yoga instructor, Spanish teacher, and founder/owner of DANZENYOGA for kids.  I specialize in physical and wellness education programs for kids 2-6 years old.  With the program at JCP your kids will gain coordination,  balance, strength, confidence, mindfulness and social skills.

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Nadav, Animaly

Hi!  My name is Nadav and I have been working with children for 20 years.  Animaly is an enrichment program at JCP where children learn about animals and nature in a fun and adventurous way. Nature is brought right to the school, combining wildlife with everyday school life!

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