Enrolling your child at JCP or a Jewish preschool means you care about the education of the next generation of Jewish leaders.  You understand that an environment full of love, Torah, and positive energy helps children develop leadership qualities that reach far beyond academics.

In the spirit of helping those in need, we ask you for your support in championing Jewish education! Your donation will make sure that no child is turned away from a life-changing education due to financial background.  We appreciate any gift that you can offer and your donation goes directly to funding scholarship opportunities for children who cannot afford full tuition.  Your gift is an investment to the future of Jewry and gives every Jewish child the opportunity for social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth– no matter his/her financial background. Please donate to JCP today.  



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If you would like to provide us with a charitable gift, please check our Amazon Wish List.  We thank you with sincere gratitude for any contributions you make!